About Us

Kayros Entertainment is a company dedicated to show business. Founded in New York City in 2009 by Julio Ortega and Nilda Tapia, among the productions they have made are: “Los Cracks … Because once you enter, you don’t leave”, “Medardo … With the soul on the lips”, “Cock” by Mike Bartlett, “Medardo” the movie and the talk show “Yin Yang”.


julio ortega 03

Julio Ortega

CEO – Artistic Director

julio ortega 03

Nilda Tapia

Vice President

julio ortega 03

José Ignacio Vivero

Associate Artistic Director

julio ortega 03

Max Mite


julio ortega 03

Jos van Weert

Financial Dept.


Fátima Mayorga
Otto Pinargote
Gloria Carrión
Gloria Ospina
Noemí Illescas
Julio Gonzalez
Alejandra Méndez

medardo staff 01